Welcome to the Family, Dynamic Dungeons!

Greetings all! We’re ecstatic to announce another ongoing, premium map maker partnership; everyone welcome Dynamic Dungeons to the Arkenforge family! Dynamic Dungeons will be providing vivid and richly detailed, animated, pre-made maps, fully integrated with the Masters Toolkit features. You can expect more and more astounding animated maps to become available on the Marketplace as …

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Community maps!

Hey folks! We’ve just opened up a section of our store to distribute maps that we’ve built for the community. All maps on the store come in day and night versions, as well as containing PNG files for Roll20, PDFs in A3 and A4 for printing, and a .rwmap file for those who want to …

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Weekly Update #16

Happy Easter to you all! All hands are on deck for this one as we have a major announcement and software updates! First of all, we wanted to say thanks to Conquest, the tabletop gaming con in Melbourne, Victoria, for having us and look forward to one last day of tabletop RPGs and board games. …

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Weekly Update #6

Hello again! With another week we have more to share about what is happening behind the scenes with us, starting with our Masters Toolkit software. We have made a number of updates and reiterations of the Software since we started the Alpha based on feedback we had on glitches and additional features. We want to …

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Masters toolkit : The first module – Cartographer

[youtube id=”5jhhv2-JvyQ”] Here at Arkenforge (previously Realmware), we don’t want to restrict your creativity or vision, so we haven’t set any limits on the size or complexity of the map you can make. We allow scrolling infinitely in any direction, and object placement and manipulation to sub-millimeter fidelity. Our easy-to-use UI allows simple object and …

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