In Person Play


The best digital solution on the market for in-person play

Imagine it as an interactive DM or GM screen, with all the information you need a click or two away.


Our VTT features are:

  • Native multi-screen screen map controls for both players and GM maps

  • Lossless/latency-less image on your displays in any resolution

  • With toolkit built maps, all objects are interactable and movable

  • DM-s see all the control UI, hidden items and see through fog of war, players only see what you set visible

  • Dynamic links to any content (notes, maps, soundscapes, playlists, tokens and more)

  • Map links can be placed to link maps together as your players progress

  • Fog of war/token positions save into maps so you can pick up the game right where you left it

  • Location based, map embeddable audio for deep immersion

  • Time of day slider that adjusts the ambient lighting for your whole map

  • Line of sight based fog of war erasure

  • Drag and drop media/tokens/mapping assets onto your maps (Windows only)

  • Quick import options for any content

  • Hide objects and tokens from players and reveal them with a single click

  • Triggerable animations

  • Every control in the toolkit can be linked to custom shortcuts


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