Meet the Team

Edina - Conjurer of Images

A part of our magical artisan team, we introduce our image Conjurer Edina.

With every object placed, every tile dragged and world built within the Masters Toolkit, you can see and feel the original works of Edina.
No conjurer of cheap tricks, whenever a call is made for a new set of tiles from the community or devs, she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work to create practical and immersive images needed to bring your worlds out of mind and into reality.

She never tires, unrelenting, focused, taking nothing and turning it into everything Arkenforge needs, wherever you look in the Masters Toolkit software, there is Edina.

Zsofi – Canvas fairy

Another member of our otherworldly talented artisan team, Zsofi is the colour and life within the software.

You can experience her work and see her touch in every piece of vibrant art, character image and creature concept present within the Masters Toolkit software. As playful with paints and colour as she is with character troupes and creature ideas, you can see her unique style shine ever brighter through each work. Blending familiar concepts of fantastical elements we are all familiar with a unqiue flavour that further envokes greater wonder and imagination.

As the developers and programmers of Arkenforge build and contstruct the pillars and beams that holds Arkenforge software together, it is Zsofi that breathes life and soul into it, making it more than just a tool to use, but something to experience.

James - Paladin of Diplomacy

A veteran of over 30 years of Tabletop Roleplaying appreciation and experience. A man with both the heart of a fresh player and knowledge of a seasoned Game Master. James is a man Arkenforge could not live without.

Discovering the Masters Toolkit through a YouTube ad, James immediately bought the software and started churning out worlds, scenes and maps for the Arkenforge community at an astounding rate. Quickly he become so familiar with the software that he started to create Tips & Tricks videos for all users and his name became synonomous with “improvement” to the Arkenforge team with his feature suggestions.

He wields the Masters Toolkit with impressive efficiency and bears the mantle as one of the primary pillars of the Arkenforge community. James is as much a part of the Arkenforge development team as anyone else, providing necessary and exceptional support for the community. Whilst also providing necessary and exceptional support for the Arkenforge development team itself.

Be wary of the sharp wit and his unrelenting Game Mastering style, but heed his guidance and words for they are of wisdom.

Bobbie - Graphic monster

Lover of all things creepy, crawly, pointy, dark, light, bright and lovely. Bobbie is a monster herself at supporting the rest of the Arkenforge team.

Running liaison between the artisan team of Arkenforge with the tech and development side, Bobbie obtains, renders, imports, exports and edits all imagery to fit the bindings of Arkenforge software. As she tames the creatures and creations of our Artistry team, so too does she manipulate the necessary physical objects and hardware required for physical booth presentation at the cons Arkenforge attends.

A player of many a Tabletop Roleplaying Game, watcher of many an anime and avid stand-lover, Bobbie will continue to be a valued and valuable member and monster of the Arkenforge team.

Ellie - Excel dragon

Religious worshipper of Excel and php. Keeper of data and hoarder of information. Knowledge is her gold and her wealth is beyond measure!

Her domain is that of the third-party marketplace as she keeps all things up to sctratch and to the draconic standards that Arkenforge maintains on it’s asset market. Forger of focus, she maintains and curates the internal machinations of the Arkenforge team and maintains order in the ranks.

Versed in Game Mastering and playing in the Tabletop Roleplaying community, she understands the view of the roleplaying community from a hands on perspective whilst keeping her eye to the sky within the company. She is our Dragon.

Peter - Animancer

Peter gets things moving in this company. Literally.

From the domain of VFX and video graphics Peter cast his strings and started puppeteering static images and bend them to his will, until he felt confined in the flat world and broke through the third dimension, drawing, modelling and sculpting assets.  Our animancer  is single handedly responsible for all animations within our themed packs except Essentials.

From the realms of video games, Peter brought all his skills and experience to the table, bringing your maps come to life.

Geri – Tinkerer - Founder

A man born sound of heart and mind, Geri was raised in the arms of our lord and savior J.R.R Tolkien. Having read the Lord of the Rings trilogy and other Tolkien works in three different languages (mostly understanding two of them), Geri has dedicated his love and fascination in the worship of all things RPG and high fantasy.
As a craftsman, millionaire and mild exaggerator, Geri has made himself into a man capable of shaping the wood of trees into anything he desires. Truly a magical man, he is well practiced in the wearing of checkered shirts, book collecting and oxford commas.
Fascinated by the construction of all non-contemporary art and craftsmanship, it is his personal goal to provide affordable, creative, functional and downright delightful works for the tabletop gaming community. He is consistent with his dedication to the Arkenforge cause and hopes to continue to provide his work with the love he shows all facets in his life.

Nathan – Tech Wizard - Founder

The hero, the myth, the legend, pure unadulterated Nathan.
People claim to have seen him high in the Himalayas, or neck outstretched in the Loch Ness, people whisper of a creature that comes in the night, a creature with such a keen smell for bad code that should he taste it on the wind, one could find that code corrected within the hour! But here at Arkenforge we have tamed the beast and now we chain him to a desk and force him to fulfill our technological needs we so desperately need to satisfy our software driven goals.
Nathan is our Tech Wizard who dreams a lovers dream of one day conjuring a complete VR (virtual reality) tabletop roleplaying platform from the ether for all to enjoy. Truly marvelous is he who wishes to use technology and his knowledge on how to control these forces to achieve a future where man and machine may combine to create and share the most immersive tabletop experience possible.

Dante – Arkenforge zealot - Founder

Forged in the fires of passion and prestige we have Dante the melodic and musically minded.
Love was the first thing he felt when he got his little hands on his first flip-through RPG fantasy book his uncle gave him when he first started to read.
This twisted and transformed into his first fantasy tabletop roleplaying experience, playing with a group of actors he had composed music for, using the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition system.
This spark still burnt as he continued his walk through life, but not only did it burn through the love of fantasy roleplaying, but also through his love of music. Dante played in several bands before coming to Australia, using poems of his homeland, Hungary, to construct lyrics and sing whilst playing piano in which he was privately tutored for seven years. Metal music became yet another passion for Dante as he also played the keys and vocals in a metal band before he arrived in Australia.
Here his music was more of a pet project as he worked, but occasionally he would return to Hungary and play music for a travelling theater group.
In 2013 his love of tabletop returned when he started the Dungeon Club, a group of waiters he worked with at a hotel, playing 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons. People came and went, others joined, and friendships were formed that would eventually grow into the beginnings of Arkenforge.
It is Dante’s hope that his passion, love and experiences of music, RPG’s and tabletop gaming will come through in his work within Arkenforge and he can’t wait to show you the result of this work in the future.

Chris – Wordsmith - Founder

40% pizza, 30% bad jokes, 20% video games, 10% animated films, 1% statistician and 100% as mysterious as the dark side of the moon, Chris.
Chris’ favourite video games growing up was anything fable, anything wow and everything elder scrolls, but the one thing that always got to him were the rules.
The natural rebel he is and advocate for ultimate freedom he sought the one RPG with complete freedom to create and experience, in this journey he discovered  tabletop RPGs. Pretty late to the game, Chris GMed his first tabletop game the day the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons player’s handbook came out for a group of twelve (he was way too excited).
Since then he has been GMing at least once a week consistently to this present day, in which up to this point and time he has GMed eight different groups and experimented with the Star Wars Empire at War tabletop roleplaying system. He has also used a number of online formats including Roll20 to make the most of the great many and fantastic immersive programs out there to augment the roleplaying experience. Chris hopes to expand his love of tabletop roleplaying into other systems, inspire others to GM, and to build a stronger, Melbourne based, community for tabletop gaming.
He is always open for a chat and is very active on many tabletop RPG and Dungeons and Dragons reddit pages so i’m sure you’ll see him around.

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