Immersive Audio

The Soundscape Module

This module is built to bring an extra level of immersion to your games, through music, ambient sounds, and sound effects.

The Soundscape offers :


    • A playlist module for music

      • Individual instrument controls for songs

      • Shuffle/repeat

      • Premade playlists for Arkenforge packs to get you started

    • An ambience module for immersive sound environments

      • Built in sample randomization for ever-changing environments

      • Timing/panning/pitch/reverb variation tools and effects

      • Hundreds of pre-made ambiences to get you started

      • Ambiences can be embedded in maps as location based audio, or click-triggers

    • An SFX Palette module for soundboards

      • Sample randomization with each click

      • Multiple soundboards can be opened at once

      • Can be linked to maps/any kind of notes (characters/items etc.), placed on the Arkenbar or tied to a shortcut

    • Restriction-free library tools to import audio

    • Grouped volume control

    • No need for adjustment during the game, just click and play


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