Touch Screen Table Support

The Master’s Toolkit has touch screen table support through the MT Touch Client software.

In its current state, all touch points will be registered as tokens that will reveal fog of war. In future, this will be updated to allow token to be assigned to touch points to prevent accidental reveals.



  • The MT Touch Client requires a second Windows device separate from the device running your Master’s Toolkit. The Toolkit device doesn’t have to be a Windows PC, but the MT Touch Client does.

  • A USB-connected touch screen. This can be either IR or Capacitive. Learn more about touch screens in our article HERE.

  • A WiFi connection. Data will be sent from the MT Touch Client to the Master’s Toolkit via the local network. Ensure that both devices are on the same local network.

For information on setting up and troubleshooting your touch screen table with the MT Touch Client, read our article HERE.

MT Touch Client running on a touch screen table


Get the Master’s Toolkit here

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