What is the Master’s Toolkit?
It is an all-in-one Tabletop software to prepare and manage Adventures
Works offline forever after authenticating online once
Can be installed/used on multiple computers
Usable online with ZoomClick here for video
Developed by Arkenforge (Meet the team)
Built for Game Masters and Dungeons Masters to manage their tabletop games,
Help immersing their players – from interactive digital map making and projection,
through music and sound effects to complete campaign management.
The toolkit is built up from 4 different modules:
Cartographer for map making
Soundscape for audio management
Encyclopedia for note entries and media library
Scenario for campaign management
The Master’s Toolkit runs on Windows and MAC


Why is it different to all the other stuff that’s out there?
It is entirely community driven and we are very responsive to feedback and critique
Free maps and assets packs supplied by a very active community around the project
One version : there are no subscriptions and no premium or pro features
All updates are free and frequent with bug fixes and added tools/assets
There are no restrictions of importing assets/media (videos, animations, images, audio)
Built-in multi-monitor support for digital tables/TV-s, Monitors and Projectors with accurate grid projection
Extremely high resolution asset support for high DPI prints
Completely independent open content marketplace
Greatest community one can wish for
The Cartographer Module
The first and probably most important module is for Encounter map making.
The Cartographer offers :
    • Simplified controls with a user-friendly UI
    • The Essentials content pack for Fantasy settings to start building
    • The Essentials pack is constantly updated with new assets based on community feedback
    • Restriction free library tools to import your assets
    • Pack creator for bulk imports and asset pack creation
    • Video map support in MP4 and M4V formats
    • Animated assets
    • Ambient lighting engine (realistic day/night rendering)
    • Dynamic lighting ( with real-time shadow rendering)
    • Image manipulation tools
    • Fog of War
    • High DPI PDF exports for printing
    • Square, Hex and Isometric grid support
    • Fully customizable grid
    • Custom image export with various VTT presets including:
      • Roll20
      • D20 pro
      • Custom settings for Fantasy Grounds
The Soundscape Module
This module is built to bring an extra level of immersion to your games, through music, ambient sounds, and sound effects.
The Soundscape offers :
    • Ease of use
    • The Essentials content pack with over 50 songs and almost a thousand sound effects
    • Restriction-free library tools to import audio
    • Playlist creation with shuffle and repeat functions
    • Layered music tracks with real-time adjustable instrument groups
    • Built-in sample randomization for more natural ambiances
    • Grouped volume control
    • Timeable/loopable ambient sounds/sound effects
    • Create your own ambiances/sound presets
    • Sound presets can be linked to maps
    • Syrinscape integration
    • No need for adjustment during the game, just click and play
Encyclopedia Module (currently in the works)
The encyclopedia is currently being built. Monthly updates will unlock features as we complete them. Encyclopedia will be the GM-s or DM-s database for locations, characters, quests and events in their world.
The Encyclopedia will offer  :
    • A comprehensive content linking system with Wikipedia-like hyperlinks (ready)
    • Customizable text with no manual tagging needed (ready)
    • Custom field creation for any note type (ready)
    • Preset creation for any note type for quick and easy note creation (ready)
    • Import options from documents and text files
    • Campaign notes
    • Quest creation with objectives, clues, and rewards (ready)
    • Character creation
    • Custom character sheet creation
    • Interactive digital token creation and management
    • Faction creation and notes
    • Location notes and management
    • Item /Object management
    • Time and event management with custom calendars
Scenario module
The Scenario is your Campaign management module, the one you fire up for your session to play. Imagine it as an interactive DM or GM screen, where you can set quick controls/shortcuts in the form of plugins to other modules, record your players progress, and use your prepared maps/sound presets/encyclopedia entries. As we develop new features for other modules, we also make plugins and quick controls for them in scenario.
The Scenario offers  :
    • Native dual screen map controls for players and GM independently or linked
    • Quest tracking (Under works)
    • Quick access to Soundscape controls
    • Line of Sight based Fog of war erasure with imported tokens
    • Object/token hiding from players
    • Plugins
      • Clock
      • Fog of war controls
      • Map controls
      • Time of day
      • Zoom control with quick reset to 1-inch squares
Improving First Time Use – Update v0.4.0.32

Hey folks! Our newest update is here, focusing on improving the first-time user experience with the Cartographer module. New additions: Accessibility settings now appear on the first launch A new window for map creation Can unload maps to save memory You can now taper lines Lights can emit darkness You are now able to tint …

Improving First Time Use – Update v0.4.0.32 Read More »

Update: Delay on The Vault of the Living Flame.

Hi folks! Due to some unforeseen power disruptions that will take a few days to fix. As a result, we are unable to get The Vault of The Living Flame pack up on the 12th of June. We are working as quickly as possible and are aiming to release it next week, on the 19th …

Update: Delay on The Vault of the Living Flame. Read More »

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