What is Arkenforge?

A small team developing software and assets for Tabletop RPG-s. 


Our current project: The Master’s Toolkit


It is a “one stop shop” for tabletop map building, adventure writing or immersive audio.


To get started, choose a starter pack:
Love making maps?
Map builder – The cartographer module


We offer content packs to fill your libraries with content, but you can always import existing media you already own:
The Cartographer module offers:
  • All maps you create with Arkenforge assets come with a commercial license with attribution, meaning that you can sell or distribute your maps freely as long as you mention us/our website in the credits.
  • Restriction free library tools to import your assets or maps
  • Video map and asset support (MP4, M4V and WebM)
  • Animated asset support (GIF, WebM and image sequence)
  • Ambient lighting engine (realistic day/night rendering)
  • Dynamic lighting (with real-time shadow rendering)
  • Image manipulation tools and static asset animation
  • Square, Hex and Isometric grid support with customization options
  • High DPI export options for professional publishing/printing
  • Universal VTT, Image or Video export options with various presets
  • Fog of War
  • Light and Line of Sight barriers
Do you play online?
Do you play in person?
The best digital solution on the market for in-person play
Imagine it as an interactive DM or GM screen, with all the information you need a click or two away.
Our VTT features are:
    • Native dual screen map controls for players and GM independently or linked
    • Lossless/latency-less image on your displays in any resolution
    • With toolkit built maps, all objects are interactable and movable
    • DM-s see all the control UI, hidden items and see through fog of war, players only see what you set visible
    • Dynamic links to any content (notes, maps, soundscapes, playlists, tokens and more)
    • Map links can be placed to link maps together as your players progress
    • Fog of war/token positions save into maps so you can pick up the game right where you left it
    • Location based, map embeddable audio for deep immersion
    • Time of day slider that adjusts the ambient lighting for your whole map
    • Line of sight based fog of war erasure
    • Drag and drop media/tokens/mapping assets onto your maps (Windows only)
    • Quick import options for any content
    • Hide objects and tokens from players and reveal them with a single click
    • Triggerable animations
    • Every control in the toolkit can be linked to custom shortcuts
Want to write your own adventure?
Encyclopedia Module
Encyclopedia is a note taking module where you can make entries for literally anything for your games. Depending on the purpose of your notes, you can add functional elements to them, for example for characters you can add stat-fields, health indicators, tokens or for a location you can link a map, attach an image or video.

The Encyclopedia offers  :

    • A comprehensive content linking system with Wikipedia-like hyperlinks
    • Customizable text with no manual tagging needed
    • Custom field creation and media attachments
    • Drag and drop any content into the fields to link them to notes:
      • Trigger soundscapes
      • Open other maps
      • Open any character notes and drag their token onto maps
      • Start or stop playlists
      • Open other notes
    • Once you completed a note, you can save the format as a preset for quick note creation
    • Quick import options for any media
    • Drag and drop media from your operating system (Windows only)
    • Animated token support
    • Customizable colors on all note elements to create a unique look
    • Any content created with the toolkit can be published and sold on our independent marketplace
Want to enhance your sessions with audio?
The Soundscape Module
This module is built to bring an extra level of immersion to your games, through music, ambient sounds, and sound effects.

The Soundscape offers :

    • A playlist module for music
      • Individual instrument controls for songs
      • Shuffle/repeat
      • Premade playlists for Arkenforge packs to get you started
    • An ambience module for immersive sound environments
      • Built in sample randomization for ever-changing environments
      • Timing/panning/pitch/reverb variation tools and effects
      • Hundreds of pre-made ambiences to get you started
      • Ambiences can be embedded in maps as location based audio, or click-triggers
    • An sfx palette module for soundboards
      • Sample randomization with each click
      • Multiple soundboards can be opened at once
      • Can be linked to maps/any kind of notes (characters/items etc.), placed on the Arkenbar or tied to a shortcut
    • Restriction-free library tools to import audio
    • Grouped volume control
    • No need for adjustment during the game, just click and play
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