The Ultimate 2D Map Builder

  • Build as big as you like! The only limit to map size is your computer’s resources.

  • Full image manipulation tools – recolour any assets.

  • Add custom effects to any content to animate your maps

  • Manage thousands of objects with no performance loss

  • Full support for video maps

  • Hotkey any function or content to boost your productivity


Pig and Whistle Tavern


Full Lighting Engine

  • Ambient lighting engine provides a realistic day/night simulation

  • Dynamic light sources provide shadows in real time



Use your own content

  • Importing content is as easy as dragging and dropping into the Toolkit

  • Imported content can be modified exactly the same as any first or third party content

  • Image support – JPG and PNG

  • Video support – MP4, M4V and WEBM

  • Animation support – GIF, Image sequence

  • No import limit!


Cragmaw - Enhanced


All the important grid types

  • Square, Hex and Isometric grids

  • Grid snapping correctly works with all grid types

  • Multiple styles of each grid are available (Full, Half, Dot)


All grid types


Use your maps anywhere

  • Exports to all major VTTs, including FoundryVTT, Fantasy Grounds Unity, Roll20 and AstralVTT

  • Export to UniversalVTT format to keep your lighting and collision data

  • High DPI PDF export with custom paper size (US and European) for printing. Maps are automatically split across multiple pages.

  • 1080p Video export to ensure your animations stay intact


Get the Arkenforge Toolkit here


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