Commercial Publishing

All maps created in Arkenforge software come with a full commercial licence, provided you have permission to use the assets themselves commercially.

The terms for commercial use are as follows


Arkenforge content (First-party)

Maps (Image and Video)

  • Any maps created with Arkenforge (first party) assets within the Master’s Toolkit are covered by a CC BY 4.0 license. The terms of this license can be found here:

  • Maps must have a minimum size of 10 x 7 squares (A single A4 PDF export with 0.5 inch margins)

  • Attribution to Arkenforge must be provided

    • In the case of TTRPG books, this must be present in the Credits section

    • In the case of digitally distributed content, this must be present in the description of your product.


  • All audio (music and sound effects) is licensed and copyrighted to Arkenforge and can not be redistributed.

  • Audio may be used in livestreams or YouTube videos, provided that the audio is being generated by Arkenforge software.

  • We never flag streams or videos for audio copyright, so if this happens to you please reach out so we can attempt to rectify the situation.

Individual Assets

  • Exporting individual map or audio assets from Arkenforge packs is strictly illegal.

  • We take active legal actions to protect these assets.


Marketplace sellers (Third-party)


Imported Content

  • All content imported into Arkenforge software is the sole property of the creator of said content.

  • Arkenforge assumes no license or creative control of imported content.

  • This commercial license is forfeit if your maps contain content you do not have a commercial license for. This includes artwork generated by AI tools such as Midjourney or Stable Diffusion.

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