Masters toolkit : The first module – Cartographer

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Here at Arkenforge (previously Realmware), we don’t want to restrict your creativity or vision, so we haven’t set any limits on the size or complexity of the map you can make. We allow scrolling infinitely in any direction, and object placement and manipulation to sub-millimeter fidelity.

Our easy-to-use UI allows simple object and tile placement at the click of a button, and our brush tool will give you the ability to freehand draw your terrain. Once placed, any object can be re-positioned, rotated and scaled.

We also give you a dynamic 2D lighting engine with real time shadows, so your players can have the exact picture of their surroundings. We’ve built ambient lighting as well, giving a time-of-day slider or the ability to set your own ambient colour throughout the map. Working in conjunction with this is our Fog-Of-War system, so you can actually hide that secret room.

Lastly, we’re introducing the Portal system, letting you link your maps together with the click of a button. Portal-linked maps can optionally be loaded on top of your existing map, giving the option for completely modular map design.

All of your map creations can be exported for printing, or for use in other tabletop gaming software.

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