Masters Toolkit – Second Module : Soundscapes

[youtube id=”JQOUtEPwCH4″]

Handling all of your music and ambient needs, the soundscape module gives you unprecedented power over your campaign’s sound.

With our Mixing module, we expose every individual instrument in your music to allow you to fully customise any of our music to best fit your game. Love one of our songs, but find the drums annoying? Mute them!

Our Ambience module allows you to set the scene for your players. We allow you to set how often you want effects to fire off, giving you the ability to create incredibly organic and lifelike ambience to fully immerse your players in the world. We also provide the SFX module for when your players do something unexpected, with a simple ‘click to activate’ interface for all of your sound effects.

Finally, we allow you to create your own custom presets from our library of content to ensure that you have all the music, ambience and sound effects that you need for your upcoming session.

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