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Dungeons Deep update #6 – Ruins of the Dwarves

https://youtu.be/2flO2HsxtFI This week you will receive the ruined version of the Dwarven Kingdom with over 20 modular pieces, soundscapes and placeable assets. If you already own Dungeons Deep, just head to your launcher and download the update. If you don’t: Check out the Dungeons Deep pack here!

Dungeons Deep update #5 – City of the Dwarves

The City of the Dwarves is now available to download. In this update you will receive grand halls and tight corridors of the Dwarven Kingdom under the mountain. You are receiving as usual: -Furnished but editable and -Unfurnished versions of each rooms and corridors -Background music -Soundscapes -Placeable assets -Walls -Textures If you have Dungeons …

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Dungeons Deep release

The Dungeons Deep pack is now out in Early access!   This bespoke asset-pack is jam-packed with Dungeon building tools, treasures and traps! Take your adventurers down below, don’t forget your 10-foot pole, and your torches! The staples of dungeons deep, crypts, sarcophagus, endless treasures, rotten old furniture, remains of adventurers of old, and grandiose …

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Dev. update #3 – Arkenbar, Global search function and Hotkey system

Today’s update focuses on three new features for easily accessing and managing your content. The ArkenBar. Content can be dragged onto this bar and be accessed at any time Global search function. Easily search for any Toolkit content, from anywhere in the Toolkit. which will allow you to find content on the fly, without having …

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