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Isometric news from Galefire

Isometric Dungeon Designer Expansion Pack is now out on the Marketplace! Thanks to the new asset management system you will see a lot more new pack releases soon, starting with Galefire, a booster pack with 33 assets and a new standalone map! Click here to check it out!

Towns and Cities pack update #5 – Towns

https://youtu.be/dLYmNd-_ldQ Another Friday, another update to the towns and Cities pack, this time 20 new modular Town pieces, from golden fields to little townhouses with crops! Soundscapes also received a few new presets! If you already own Towns and cities, just head to your launcher and update it, if not then click here!

Towns and Cities pack update #4 – Maze and Chapel

https://youtu.be/snBgLkl4To0 This update brings two gigantic assets to your Towns and Cities collection, the colossal Maze and the Grand Chapel. Additionally we started updating the Soundscapes module with 20 new presets. These will be updated weekly as well!  As all updates to packs this one is free of charge as well, just head to your …

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