The latest from the silvertooth team

September update

Progress The first test version of the reworked Cartographer is available on the test stream! It is a super experimental build, so please do not save over your maps and do not use it for your sessions! We need to gather crash logs, and get errors reported to work out the kinks of the new …

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July/August update

Epilogue of progress Both July and August yielded 10 important updates while the Media Library is being developed, with most of them being convenience features and bugfixes. The Soundscape back-end was reworked entirely to allow for cross-fading and vastly improved load times. You’ll notice that it feels and sounds a lot better! The cartographer loading …

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Arkenforge at UK Games Expo!

Hey folks! If you’re around Birmingham at the end of the month, swing by UK Games Expo, BOOTH 2-507, and come and say hi! We’ll be showing off our new Quest Notes system, along with all the features you all know and love. We look forward to seeing you there!

April update

Time is going fast, I can’t believe it’s May already. April has been extremely busy on the work/life front and we have been quite under the pump. Master’s Toolkit 18 updates this month, mostly bug fixes and stabilizers.  Not much to notice on the front for now, but there are some serious reworks back end. …

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March updates

March has been a crazy busy month for all of us, Nathan delivered 28 updates, we have released a bunch of extra animated assets, but there is more to come soon. Line of sight based fog of war erasure on tokens This is one of the most important features released this month. This has been …

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January updates

Welcome adventurers, There is a lot what happened these first three weeks of January! Going full steam ahead, here are the highlights of the month so far: Launcher First of all our new shiny launcher is out, and working as intended for both MAC and Windows. If you are in the 2.0 versions we recommend …

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