A Year Of Change, Phase 2 – Standalone Toolkit Release

Hey folks! Nathan here. Today we’re unveiling the second phase of our 7th birthday changes. The Standalone Arkenforge Toolkit. If you missed the announcement of Phase 1, you can read it about it here.


The Standalone Arkenforge Toolkit

It’s something we’ve heard time and time again over the years. “Why can’t I just get the software with no asset packs?”. Historically we’ve been apprehensive about giving the software out without any content, as there’s a base level of assets that folks expect from a tool such as ours. This was a large reason we brought out the Arkencore Pack.

With all users having access to the Arkencore Pack, we can now set up the Toolkit as its own standalone product. This is intended for those who primarily want to use Arkenforge for running their in-person games on a screen or projector.

The Standalone Toolkit provides the full software experience. No features are being spun out into separate products. We’re staying true to our goal of all Arkenforge Toolkit features being available with a single purchase.

With the Standalone Arkenforge Toolkit software product comes some updates to our pricing.


New Software Pricing

Yes, prices are changing. I recognise that this is often the point where companies jack up the prices of everything, citing ‘cost of living’ or ‘Too much value for customers.’ That’s not what we’re about at Arkenforge.

Overall, things should be better for our users.


Arkenforge Toolkit: US$35 US$35

Wait. Isn’t the Arkenforge Toolkit already US$35? Yes, but read on.

Arkenforge is at a point now that it can be considered fully-fledged commercial software. It excels at its job, which is providing the best in-person TTRPG experience. On top of this, it is a highly competent map builder, audio tool, and campaign manager. With that in mind, we’re now providing the option to purchase it as its own standalone software. No Fantasy or Sci Fi Essentials Pack bundled in – only the standalone Arkenforge Toolkit.

This is also why every user will receive the Arkencore pack for free. By purchasing the standalone Arkenforge Toolkit, not only will you have access to world class TTRPG software, but you’ll get a free library of content along with it. If you’re a user who just uses the Toolkit to run your games with imported content, then effectively there is no change. If you’re interested in building some amazing maps, then read on!

Arkenforge Fantasy/Sci-Fi Starter: US$35 US$50

The price of the current starter bundles will be raised to $50.

This is admittedly higher for those who just want to dip their toes in and experiment with mapping. But, if folks like what they see and want to get more, it’ll be much easier to dive in.


New Content Pack Pricing

One of the complaints we hear about our marketplace is the high price to get all of the content. Surely by increasing the base software price, we’re just making that problem worse, right?


We’re dropping the price of our content packs! As we’re continuing to release packs and ramp up content production, it only becomes more and more expensive to get all Arkenforge content. This is great for us, but not so great for our users. So, we’re making it easier for you to get the Arkenforge mapping content you want.

Our pricing will be unified between all Major Packs, Minor Packs, and Token Packs.


Major Packs: US$30 US$20

Major packs are the packs from our major content releases. At time of release of this article, the Major Packs are:

  • Fantasy Essentials
  • The Wild
  • Towns and Cities
  • Dungeons Deep
  • Sci Fi Essentials
  • Cyberpunk
  • Deep Space
  • Wasteland


Minor Packs: US$15 US$10

Minor packs are all mapping content packs outside of the Major packs. At time of release of this article, the Minor Packs are:

  • Halloween
  • Ice and Snow
  • Magical Effects
  • Animated Trees
  • Underwater
  • Forest of the Fey
  • Haunted Ruins
  • Furniture and Decor: Home
  • Viking Village Scenery Pack


Token Packs: US$5 US$5

Token packs will remain at their current price. It’s important to note that the Dungeon Dwellers and Arkenteam Token Packs are no longer available for purchase, as they have been included for free in the Arkencore Pack.



With our content packs becoming cheaper, our bundles prices are coming down with them!

All pack bundles will be dropping from US$70 to US$50. We’ve aimed for an Arkenforge Toolkit Starter + Major Bundle to be roughly the same price. With the new price being US$100, compared to the old one of US$105, we think we’ve done well there. For all purchases after that point, you’ll be spending less money than you would have under our previous pricing model.

The Ultimate Bundle price will also be dropping quite a bit, going from US$320 to $250. As the Ultimate Bundle includes all Arkenforge content releases, this one will continue to increase as we release new content.


Phase 2 complete!

That’s all for Phase 2! We’ve now got the Arkencore Pack, the Standalone Toolkit, and some new user-friendly pricing.

Stay tuned for Phase 3, where we’ll discuss some further changes to our content!

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