A Year Of Change, Phase 1 – Arkencore Pack

Hey folks! 2024 is shaping up to be a big year for Arkenforge. We recently celebrated our 7th birthday, and it’s the catalyst for some big changes. All of these changes we’re making hinge on a single starting point. That starting point is the Arkencore Pack.


What is the Arkencore Pack?

The Arkencore pack is exactly what it sounds like. A core pack for Arkenforge. In its initial release it will contain over 1GB of fantasy mapping content. That’s over 200 mapping assets, many of which are animated. It’ll also be launching with over 100 sound effects. Finally, it’ll be launching with all tokens from the Arkenteam and Dungeon Dweller token packs. Think of it as a new Fantasy Essentials Pack, but with a bunch of content that can largely fit into any campaign.

The word ‘launching’ is the key word here. Over time we will expand this pack with new content, providing even more free assets for all users.

What makes the Arkencore Pack special?

One simple thing makes the Arkencore Pack different to all the others. Every user will have access to it for free. The Arkenforge Launcher will automatically install and update the Arkencore Pack, similar to how the Launcher Patcher is now. We’ll also have the Toolkit install automatically, but patching it will remain optional. This goes live with v6.2.0.0 of the Arkenforge Launcher. The Launcher update is optional, so feel free to hold off on it until you’re ready to experience the full power of the Arkencore pack!

By giving every user the Arkencore Pack, it provides a pool of content that we can rely on every Arkenforge user having access to. That lets us do some fancy things.

We can use the Arkencore Pack wherever we like. Modular objects in all content packs can contain Arkencore assets. This will reduce asset duplication and allow for a much wider range of modular objects than could otherwise be supported. As the pack contains sound effects as well, we can add things like sound triggers to content much easier, as well as creating some simple ambience effects that all users can access.

All in all, we have more content to use for more things in the Toolkit.

Just the beginning

This is the first of many content changes we’ll be rolling out this year. The Arkencore is the first phase, and we you’ll love all the new assets and opportunities it brings.

Not only do we have a huge update coming to public later this year, but we’ve also got some really neat packs in the pipeline that we’re incredibly excited to show you.

Stay tuned for news on our future phases by joining our Discord!

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