Supanova Melbourne 2024 – Arkenforge Panel

Hey folks! For those who attended Supanova Melbourne 2024, you may have seen our panel: Dungeon Roulette – Speedbuilding a TTRPG Dungeon with YOU!


Our Supanova Melbourne 2024 Panel

In this 45 minute panel, we created a dungeon map purely with input from the audience. Our very own Tech Wizard Nathan drove the Arkenforge Toolkit software, and our Marketing Warlock Shaun prompted the audience for room sizes and functions.

We began with a simple 4-way corridor, with the southern side opening to a grassy field. Due to the short time limit of the panel, only a small set of rooms were available as options. There were three options for Room Size: 3×3, 5×5, or 7×7. Similarly , room function also had three options: monster, trap, or treasure. The audience also chose which direction the room was in, whether or not there was a corridor between the rooms, and how long the corridor would be, along with potential corridor functions. Despite these limited options, the audience’s creativity shined. Their suggestions led to a fun dungeon crawl that would be at home in any one shot.

In the end we had 13 unique rooms for a party to work their way through. From rooms with pressure-plate triggered animated armour, to explosive barrels with tripwires, to a room of angry trees, the finished map contains challenges for all members of the party.


The Finished Map

Only content from our Fantasy Essentials Pack was used to build the map. This means that all users can load the map during the 30-day free trial.

For those looking for the .rwmap files for use in Arkenforge, you can download them on DrivethruRPG. By using the map in Arkenforge, not only will the various animated sections of the map bring it to life, but you’ll also be able to open and close your doors and use fog of war. We’ve also added ambient sounds, so you can further set the atmosphere as your party delves deeper towards the final room.

For those who use a different VTT, we have provided a 100DPI version of the map below. This doesn’t have the sounds or animations, but it will still provide a fun adventure for your party.


A 13-room dungeon created during our Dungeon Speed Building panel at Supanova Melbourne 2024
The completed map at 100DPI

Finally, for those that weren’t able to attend Supanova Melbourne 2024, don’t worry. We recorded it! You can view the entire panel here on Youtube:

If you’d like to speedbuild your own Dungeon, check out Arkenforge at!

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