Excited and Grateful: Post PAX Australia

All of us here at Arkenforge (previously Realmware) just want to start by saying a massive thank you to all of our current backers, followers, and those that visited our booth at PAX AUS this year for the grand opening of our Kickstarter! It’s with your growing support and communication that we can hope to build the best content and products we can for the tabletop community.

The tabletop area was extremely popular, games running from open-close, at peak times Adventure league supplied tickets for people standing in a queve !


Updates :

1. We have modified the content of our Kickstarter page to hopefully be more clear and concise in what it actually is we’re promising. If there are still any questions about the content or set up of our Kickstarter, please don’t hesitate to email us or message us directly on the page. If a question is consistently asked we will make it more clear or at least put the question and its answer in our FAQ page for others to see.

2. Currently we are working on some videos that will be released soon showing off the Software and how it can be used to enhance your Tabletop experience. The first video will be specifically demonstrating the functionality and ease of use of our Cartographer, the Masters Toolkit map making system.

3. Our TechWizard, Nathan, is currently on bug patrol with what we have on the Software in preparation for a Demo on our Cartographer and Soundscape. For more information on that as it comes feel free to watch for updates here on the kickstarter, otherwise we will be emailing current and potential backers.

4. Acquiring a reliable supplier for the screens in the Atlas Digital has been a main focus of ours as doing so would make the building and shipping of the product much more efficient and quicker. Certain options have opened up to us from PAX AUS and we are setting up meetings and contacts with these new avenues, all of it promising. More info on this as it develops.

5. We have also decided, based off feedback from PAX and social media, that we will be facilitating the use of custom content and the importing of said content into our Software. This was originally not going to be a feature of the Masters Toolkit, but the requests for such a feature were so common that we felt it would be an injustice to our community focus that we didn’t have the option. Hence we will have ability to import custom material into the Software as of the Masters Toolkit Beta, possibly adding it earlier with stretch goals.

The responses on our Facebook page, email (info@arkenforge.com.au) and reddit account has been amazing and already we have started to learn more about what you want from our products. Please keep up the good work guys and spread the love, the more people we can reach and the more vocal you are, the better our Software and Hardware will be for everyone!


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