PAX AUS, Melbourne!


The most handsome company of merry men, the Arkenforge (previously Realmware) team is attending PAX AUS this year with our very own booth giving the lovely Victorian public a first time look and experience into Realmware products.
Feel free to come find us and generally give us a chat or join us at our tabletop RPG 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons workshop for new players.
Here I (Chris) will be teaching new players the ropes of 5th edition D&D and spreading the tabletop RPG love, hopefully growing the Melbourne community one Elf or Dwarf at a time.
Otherwise enjoy and be merry! PAX has always been a faovurite event here at Realmware and we are just ecstatic to be a part of it!


Tabletop Pax 2017_V4

Rearing to go!
Wordsmith Chris

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