Development roadmap

The Treasure map For the rest of the year and for next year we decided to publish our full roadmap for the toolkit and content production. Many of you requested this on discord socials. We have an extremely tough year behind us, but we feel like at this point we have been able to patch …

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GenCon 2021

GenCon 2021 GenCon 2021 runs in a hybrid format forging Gen Con Indy, Gen Con Online, and Pop-Up Gen Con together providing in-person and online experiences together from September 16-19 2021. Read more about the con here.  The convention kicked off in-person in Indy on Wednesday with the Trade Day, defying all odds of holding …

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The Vault of the Living Flame

The Vault reopens on the 17th of September Creating this module has been quite a journey. Right after a complete Toolkit overhaul we attempted something that we have never done before, a complete adventure module, written by Ben Byrne from Melbourne Dungeon Master and produced by Arkenforge. We ran the Vault of the Living Flame …

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Animated maps in Roll20

Get your maps moving in Roll20 Roll20 is an online VTT that still does not support animated DND maps (or any animated maps) natively (unlike FoundryVTT or Astral), but that does not mean that you will have to stick to static maps on this platform for the rest of your days, and it will not …

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Maphammer pack releases!

Maphammer packs It is that time of the year, Mike from Maphammer just released 6 new asset packs on our store. A lot of these are bundles, so not only you receive maps, but they also come with place-able assets. While the themes are diverse these are all high fantasy or medieval fantasy themed packs. …

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The Sci Fi Kickstarter for a Master’s Toolkti owner

Our sci-fi Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/arkenforge/the-sci-fi-masters-toolkit What happens if I already own the toolkit?   You can trade in the new Master’s Toolkit key from this Kickstarter for $5US store credit, or give it to a friend (They will receive the Toolkit + Fantasy Essentials) Why did we make this decision ?   Many of you …

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Ice and Snow #2 – Winter lodge

A new update to Ice and snow brings a lot more furniture to the pack, a modular winter lodge with a pub and casino! This update is completely free if you have the Ice and Snow pack, if not then grab it here (currently on special until the end of December) !

Ice and Snow #1 – Hunter’s Lodge

Ice and Snow has received its first massive update! Head to your launcher and grab it now! If you don’t have it yet, it’s discounted for the rest of December!   https://arkenforge.com/product/ice-and-snow/

The Wild #1 Ancient ruins

Ancient Ruins is coming to The Wild, Aztec inspired pyramid, modular rooms and place-able assets! As always, this update is free, if you own The Wild pack, just head to your launcher and download the update. If you don’t: https://arkenforge.com/product/the-wild/

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