GenCon 2021

GenCon 2021

GenCon 2021 runs in a hybrid format forging Gen Con Indy, Gen Con Online, and Pop-Up Gen Con together providing in-person and online experiences together from September 16-19 2021. Read more about the con here.Β 

The convention kicked off in-person in Indy on Wednesday with the Trade Day, defying all odds of holding a large in-person convention this year. James got his crew ready and packed up the family van with some fresh last-minute delivered booth dΓ©cor, and off he went before the first light of dawn taking the road to Indiana.

Van packed with various cargo, trolley, TV-s in boxes and backpacks
The Journey begins

The Arkenbooth

After attending Gen-con the first time in 2019 in the Events area, this time we are exhibiting! You can visit James and co. at booth #2459 in the Entrepreneurs Avenue! Try out the software, get familiar with our features and check out our demo. You can grab the toolkit bundles with a discount, or if you are already onboard, you can get some serious discounts on content packs. Just hit up the crew πŸ™‚

The location of the Arkenforge booth on the map of Gencon 21
The Arkenbooth location
The Arkenforge booth at Gencon 2021. Pullup banners on the sides and a large printed background depicting sales for bundles for 25 dollars.
The Arkenbooth

First day experience

At the Tabletop area events run 24-hours a day! They start on Thursday at 8 am and go all the way until Sunday at 4 pm. You can grab a chair and play a myriad of RPG-s, card- or board games. People are all masked up and hand sanitizers are readily available everywhere. Vaccinations weren’t mandatory for entry but our crew is all vaxxed up, social distancing was obeyed at the tables, and in our booth and the convention was less busy than the last one we attended. Despite people trying though, crowds did form on the convention floor as people were moving through and checking out vendor halls, but at this scale there is not much anyone can do about that. It was good to see that people did care about each others safety though and spirits were high.

Convention crowd
Less busy, but not a ghost-town

Vault of the Living Flame

As the convention doors open tomorrow morning, so does the Vault of the Living Flame module! Be sure to check it out here πŸ™‚.


More coming soon

As the convention progresses, so will this post – we keep updating it until Sunday so stay tuned πŸ™‚

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