Conquest convention and development update

The first in-person con of 2021 – Conquest

We have been delighted to take part in Conquest 2021, the first in-person Tabletop convention that has been held in Australia since the lockdowns. It has been refreshing and great to see some new and lots of familiar faces saying hi, or asking questions about the Kickstarter or new Features.

Adventurers League

We brought one of our Atlas tables to the convention to be used by Adventurers League, running their campaign through the weekend and it was a blast! We first worked together for Arcanacon2020, but digital has made its way to Conquest, and seems like (at least for Australia) that we will continue collaborating for Arcanacon, Conquest and Pax Aus, having at least one table running with Arkenforge gear.

Image description: A DnD game is being played using the Master's Toolkit software
AL running a 5e adventure on the Atlas, running Arkenforge

Quest Suppliers

These folks are simply amazing! We first met organizing online events for Arcanacon, but now we are looking into having some Arkenforge merch for people who wish to support us, and they might bring us the means to do it! We are planning to reveal some physical goods at PAX Aus this year, so stay tuned!

Continuing an annual tradition

Starting Arkenforge next to our day-jobs, we seldom had time to organize uninterrupted days of working together, and the first Conquest convention we took part in in 2018 got us just that. The toolkit had some great opportunity to be tested, found and squashed the majority of bugs. We have been able to release the first alpha build right at the end of the Convention and got our first non-Kickstarter sales from con-goers.

We took a walk down memory lane with the new version of the Toolkit releasing soon, and spent this Easter developing new features, and hammering out maps for our upcoming online con. We did our Kickstarter update from here, and Nathan did a quick walkthrough about our progress so far.

Image description: Geri, Dante and Nathan look into the camera
Nathan in the foreground Geri (left) and Dante (right)

Development update

Here is a video walkthrough of some of the features we had ready on the first day:

Features added through Conquest

Nathan went berserk on coding and added a myriad of new features, that will be battle tested and bug-fixed in the next few weeks:

  • Map content linking
  • PNG sequence import
  • Video import
  • Gif import
  • Webm support
  • Proximity-based ambience on map
  • Mixes can now be dragged onto mixer
  • Map duplication
  • Character-type notes

Other than these, various bugs have been squashed and features optimized.


What’s next on the agenda?

Development schedule

  • More UI updates for old elements
  • Token vision and health indicators
  • Global search filters
  • Player view visuals
  • Pack creation
  • Encyclopedia export options
  • Universal VTT export
  • Foundry export


  • Video tutorials
  • FAQ section update with written tutorials
  • PDF Manual


  • Complete remake of legacy audio presets and playlists
  • Reorganizing legacy pack content
  • Finishing composition for Sci-fi Essentials songs
  • Repacking and re-uploading legacy packs
[Image description: A laptop showing the Master's Toolkit software. A map of a spaceship is open]
Geri building a spaceship with the Sci-fi Essentials


Image description: Text: Vault of the Living Flame
Vault of the Living flame is our upcoming convention partnered with Arcanacon

Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Happy to see all the progress you guys keep making with your kickstarter and release of content. Do you guys have a current roadmap? I know you talked about players toolkits once. Was just curious if you have any functionality updates coming, maybe a combat mode like night and day that uses change in music and maybe the use of aoe templates?

    1. Hey Potsy!

      No current roadmap at this stage. Player Toolkit is still planned for the end of the year, and combat mode/initiative tracking should be later this year 🙂

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