Maphammer pack releases!

Maphammer packs

It is that time of the year, Mike from Maphammer just released 6 new asset packs on our store. A lot of these are bundles, so not only you receive maps, but they also come with place-able assets. While the themes are diverse these are all high fantasy or medieval fantasy themed packs. Click on any of the pack images below to check out the packs!


The brand

Mike started to work on very high resolution, extremely detailed maps in 2017 for his DND adventures. They were extremely well received from his players and it was a great exercise to put his skills in Graphic design to good use. Soon he released his maps on Patreon finding himself in need to form a business and brand for them. He was the first seller on the Arkenforge marketplace offering a pay-once-own-forever purchase option only on our platform, for those who prefer not to stay on a subscription model. Every year 2-3 major releases were posted, now adding up to a large library for Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder adventure or any Fantasy setting.  The maps are high resolution enough for high DPI prints or can be exported to be used in any VTT.

Check out all of his other packs here if you haven’t already!

There are some Free maps if you would like to check out:

Maphammer Patreon page

Maphammer’s Patreon offers regular releases as well, sign up if you would like to support him!


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