Weekly Update #16

Happy Easter to you all!

All hands are on deck for this one as we have a major announcement and software updates!

First of all, we wanted to say thanks to Conquest, the tabletop gaming con in Melbourne, Victoria, for having us and look forward to one last day of tabletop RPGs and board games. The people we’ve met and spoke to have only reaffirmed our belief that the tabletop community is one of the most welcoming and enthusiastic groups out there.
We have been giving folks a hands on look on our most updated build of the Masters Toolkit and our prototype Atlas table with inbuilt speakers and touch screen capabilities. The response has been great and have enjoyed chatting to a couple of lads from Goof Review who gave us some cool new ideas to think about in the future for the Atlas and the Masters Toolkit itself, thanks fellas!



We will be making our most current Alpha build for the Masters Toolkit available for purchase for a discounted amount until we hit Beta.
So tell your friends and family to get on it whilst the still can HERE!

Software Updates

Our time at Conquest has been a great opportunity to test some new features, including the success of our bendable walls, our new preview tiles and objects format and some animated assets.
A new library system has been introduced making searching what you want and need much faster and more efficient, steering towards where we want the Masters Toolkit to be as the most accessible Tabletop RPG software it can be.

It is now possible in the Soundscape to construct your own library from our songs, ambient sounds and special sounds effects. This ensures that upon game day you have everything you need ready to go at a click of a button for that audio immersion.


The Scenario module of the Masters Toolkit is still bare bones as we wait for more features to be added. But in its current form you can observe move and change the chosen map open in the Cartographer at the same time as having complete access to your music, ambiance and effects from the Soundscape. This will build and become the meeting place of all the features within the Masters Toolkit.




Community Maps
Below we have featured some maps by the community during Conquest, giving us plenty of ideas for our own campaigns.

Thanks everyone for the support and especially the dedicated people of Conquest.


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