Update – Essentials Expansion

Howdy folks!

We’re back with an update on some new editions to the essentials pack for the Masters Toolkit.
Below is a list of some new additions to the Soundscape and Cartographer modules:

– 3 ambient sounds including a sewer
– 20 SFX sounds with a dark theme
– 3 songs including the desert themed 1001 nights

– 9 objects including a skeletal rib cage and a new stone wall
– 1 new cobblestone terrain tile
– 7 animated assets

When selecting an object in the Cartographer, you will know if it is animated by the presence of a small blue camera icon in the object preview window.

To accommodate these new animated assets in the Cartographer we have added two new object menus; Modular and Video. They are currently not populated but will be in the new future as more content is added to the Master Toolkit.

We will continue to update the Masters Toolkit in the near future and will provide updates as they occur.

The Arkenforge team

2 thoughts on “Update – Essentials Expansion”

    1. The Essentials Pack is a part of the Fantasy Essentials Bundle and the Complete Fantasy Bundle. If you grabbed either of those, you should have it available in your Launcher.

      If you grabbed the Sci Fi Essentials Bundle, you’ll need to purchase the Fantasy Essentials pack from our store.

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