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Improving First Time Use – Update v0.4.0.32

Hey folks! Our newest update is here, focusing on improving the first-time user experience with the Cartographer module.

New additions:

  • Accessibility settings now appear on the first launch
  • A new window for map creation
  • Can unload maps to save memory
  • You can now taper lines
  • Lights can emit darkness
  • You are now able to tint map tiles
  • Added Flat Colour content for placing any colour
  • Tokens folder visible in Cartographer for content placement

This update also comes with an update to the Fantasy Essentials pack, bringing it to v4.1.0.0. We have now arranged content for easy searching, a lot of content we have renamed to make it easier to find.  Once you have updated both your Essentials pack and Masters Toolkit, the renamed content will update automatically.

Our next update phase will be focused on improving the process of importing content into the Toolkit. This is one of the key features that near every user will use at some point, so it’s very important that we get the experience as seamless as possible.

Pick up the Master’s Toolkit here:

Check out community member Timor Sol’s tutorials here:

Share your WIP maps on our new WIP Wednesday features!:

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We hope you enjoy the new features and look forward to the next update!
Thanks for being part of our community.
The Arkenforge Team.

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