January updates

Welcome adventurers,

There is a lot what happened these first three weeks of January! Going full steam ahead, here are the highlights of the month so far:


First of all our new shiny launcher is out, and working as intended for both MAC and Windows. If you are in the 2.0 versions we recommend that you perform a clean install to get to the newest update instantly, instead of jumping through a lot of small patches with the old one. The Launcher is now 64bit, does not auto-patch without asking, and it can now repair the software if something goes wrong! We divided our patches as well, and now you can opt-in to try the newest features, if you don’t mind risking some bugs, or you can opt out from the test build, updates will be a lot less frequent, but you are ensured that your version has been through some testing, and will be a lot more stable.

Master’s Toolkit

We are finally in 0.3.0, and the 0.3 series of updates have officially started! Yay! Now you can resize your Scenario windows!

More animations

The Master’s toolkit is getting a whole new influx of animations. Since animated assets are something that clearly and truly sets us apart from other VTT-s and map builders and you guys are constantly asking us to make more, we decided that we will expand our current libraries, and offer some more. Essentials pack is receiving nearly 20 new animated assets within the next 2 months, with moving trees, bushes, sails and more!

After the Essentials, the Wild will get the same treatment.

We have released an experimental pack – Magical Effects – these are 88 different new animations, with a lot of creative potentials.ย We call it an experimental pack, as these assets are very diverse, and their uses know no bounds with lots of different shapes/movements and colors. Combining with the power of the Object manipulation feature of the toolkit, we can’t wait to see your ideas! It is introduced on a special price of 8$ in the Marketplace until the end of the month! Please let us know how you like them and whether you would be interested in more packs like this!

We have hired new artists to work on these expansions, to ensure that the Towns and Cities (June), Dungeons deep (December) and the Community voted 10 Spell effects (released with Action menu in 0.5) packs will not be delayed.

Stronger music and audio front

We are very excited to announce that we became the first testers of Syrinscape‘s API, and therefore we began working on integrating it with our Soundscapes module! The first version will be out in a few weeks, so you can utilize the power of Syrinscape within the Toolkit, and then we will polish it to perfection in the 0.4 series of updates.

Please welcome Joel Steudler on our marketplace! Joel composes music and audio for YouTube videos, Twitch livestreams, films, and games. He excels in instrumental underscore, big bold themes, eerie atmospheres, and adventures – in many styles and genres. Check out his work here and his new pack, the Valor and Villainy here.

Alec Shea has released not 1, but 2 new albums with 10 new tracks each! Check them out here!

Isometric map packs

For those of you who’d like to whip up gorgeous isometric maps very quickly, check out Galefire’s new map packs here!

Pack creator

We understand that easy and hassle-free library import is very important for you folks, therefore we are reworking our pack-creator top to bottom to make your experience a lot better. The works have already begun!


The dedicated server is going strong, both uptime and speed-wise so far, and we were able to begin some much-needed updates on our website! Now you can not only open tickets for support, and buy gift-cards, but you can bulk download your community packs/maps in My Account/Downloads section, you won’t be able to accidentally double purchase content you already own, and you can browse content based on tags! We have also opened our Frequently Asked Questions section, and started to rigorously documenting our software! If you have any FAQ requests, let us know on zsdante@arkenforge.com!

13 thoughts on “January updates”

  1. Awesome work, I will be buying the new spell pack this friday.

    Thanks guys.

  2. CaptainYenyen

    Late reply, but excited to see that through, good work guys !

  3. ShadowWarrior173

    The isometric packs are amazing, albeit limited in scope for now. Keep up the excellent work!

  4. ShadowWarrior173

    Oh you tease. I’m very excited at that bit of hinting!

  5. link1_80_2@hotmail.com

    when are you going to make tokens, i would love to use this online with friends, i dont have the $ to flip my tv into a table and use it use it as a grid :/

    1. We hope to have tokens in by the end of June, but the actual timeline will depend on community feature requests ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. If I already have some items bought from Syrinscape, will I have to buy them again in Arkenforge or will those purchases be able to transfer over?

    1. Your Syrinscape account is linked directly, so you have full access to all of your existing content ๐Ÿ˜Š

  7. companyoflosers

    So what happened to increasing the number of animated assets in essentials? Its April now, which is more than the two months you guys said and there haven’t really been any added. At least not that ive seen. Not criticizing, just eager.

    1. The Essentials pack got an update with new animated content back in March, and another one a couple of weeks ago ๐Ÿ™‚

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