The Wild


Original Arkenforge content pack for your nature loving use, focusing on fantasy natural world content including waterfalls, cliffs, volcanoes and all the fruit you could ever want!

Make sure to get:

Arkenforge Toolkit

The Arkenforge Toolkit is an all-in-one tool for GMs to build animated maps and run in-person games.

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The theme of the Wild is Nature. We wanted to create a pack which would give you assets for a variety of Nature themed settings including :

  • Jungle settings
  • Ancient ruins – where nature claimed its territory back
  • Forest settings
  • Underwater settings
  • Above-the-surface caves
  • Fairy forests
  • Treetop platforms and bridges


When it comes to our assets these are the current numbers : (Please note that the Wild pack expands until the 24th of December 2018 based on user requests)

  • 109 Objects
  • 26  Multi-level giant objects
  • 27 Repeatables
  • 9 Animated assets
  • 30  Tiles
  • 32 Songs
  • 206 Ambiances
  • 298 SFXs

Six months have passed since the release of the finished Essentials pack, and our experience with content creation grows while being continuously influenced by our community’s suggestions. Comparing to Essentials, the Wild delivers a more fine-tuned experience. When it comes to visuals we have created stunning 4K resolution high DPI multi-level assets, where one assets covers the entire game surface, thanks to our continous development of the Master’s toolkit we could take advantage of the Repeatables system, being able to quick create and modify rivers, suspension bridges and new types of walls.


Animated assets take up most of our workloads when it comes to visuals as we handcraft each individual frame that goes into animation. We have included water animations including wave breaks, waterfall and a whirpool, for the land there are some insects, firelies and an animated fountain, and there are two tileable water effects which are coming in as soon as our animation tiling system is  ready. Animated beartrap/collapsing pit trap are coming with the update of our action menu during the 0.3 series of updates. The currently available animations are compiled in this video below:

Soundwise the songs are now longer, the instruments are grouped instead of being individual, this grouping allows easier mood settings, and reduce load on ram since most tracks build from 32-40 individual layers. Ambiance-wise this collection is number one from all the fantasy settings with over a hundred high quality ambience drones/pads additionally to the natural ambience sounds to bring out more emotion and detail to your raw settings. Take a listen to some of our new songs below:

Continous Support

Our work with the pack does not stop here. As with the Essentials, after the release we spend 2 months to expand or modify our pack based on user request, meaning that we do not start our next pack until our core-community is satisfied. We add/change full time until the 24th of December. After these two months we still do listen and can release additional assets/modify current ones, but we can only do that in our spare time working on our next release. Unlike the Essentials, the Wild pack is not an ever expanding library.

Usage rights

Ripping individual assets and art from this pack and redistributing them is strictly illegal, and we take active legal actions to protect these assets. However any maps you create with this pack within the Master’s Toolkit come with a creative commons licence with Attribution meaning that if your map is a minimum size of an A4 preset in the toolkit, you can export and distribute or sell your maps, as long as you credit Arkenforge – The Masters Toolkit visibly on your product.

You are also allowed to stream your sessions using the software as intended – for your tabletop games. Using visuals/sound for a feature film/video/game requires a license from us, which you can obtain by reaching out to us on :


After purchasing this content pack, the Arkenforge Launcher will download the new assets upon starting. If the Arkenforge Launcher was on when a content pack is purchased, please restart the Launcher to update your Masters Toolkit with the new content.

If you experience any issues with with this content or the purchasing of this content you may contact


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