Ancient Cavern 2ds


Sold By: 2D Storyteller

The content pack cannot be used without the Master’s Toolkit Software!

Author: 2D Storyteller
Style: Sci-Fi
License: Strictly Personal license, all rights reserved

The air hung heavy with the scent of mildew as you pressed deeper into the ancient cave. Loose pebbles skittered underfoot, and with each crunch, a shower of dust rained down from the crumbling ceiling, threatening to bury you whole.

This pack includes a battle map with interactive elements , allowing you to change the map on command, the aged bridges can crumble underfoot. This is the perfect battle map setup for a final TTRPG showdown set inside an ancient cave, what horrors lurk below…


  • An atmospheric and exciting battle map depicting the hidden depths of a mountain cave.
  • Two exciting battle maps, survive the rotting bridges left by the caves former inhabitants or get lost in the maze of caves littering the depths 
  • Interactive battle map elements that change the map on the GMs command.


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