Dungeons Deep


Original Arkenforge content pack for creating immersive dungeons, catacombs, crypts, hellscapes and more!

Sold By: Arkenforge


Original Arkenforge content pack for the dungeon dwellers, to take your players from dusty old crypts trough fiery hellscapes to deep mines long forgotten. Something lurks in the dark…

Dungeons Deep contains the following modules:

This bespoke asset-pack is jam-packed with Dungeon building tools, treasures and traps! Take your adventurers down below, don’t forget your 10-foot pole, and your torches!

The staples of dungeons deep, crypts, sarcophagus, endless treasures, rotten old furniture, remains of adventurers of old, and grandiose caverns are amongst the most distinctive assets of this pack.


When it comes to our assets this is a huge pack:

  • Over 600 Objects
  • Over 100 Repeatables
  • Over 50  Tiles
  • 50 Songs
  • Over 1000SFX
  • 20 Animated traps

Usage rights

Ripping individual assets and art from this pack and redistributing them is strictly illegal, and we take active legal actions to protect these assets. However any maps you create with this pack within the Master’s Toolkit come with a creative commons licence with Attribution meaning that if your map is a minimum size of an A4 preset in the toolkit, you can export and distribute or sell your maps, as long as you credit Arkenforge – The Masters Toolkit visibly on your product.

You are also allowed to stream your sessions using the software as intended – for your tabletop games. Using visuals/sound for a feature film/video/game requires a license from us, which you can obtain by reaching out to us on : zsdante@arkenforge.com.


After purchasing this content pack, the Arkenforge Launcher will download the new assets upon starting. If the Arkenforge Launcher was on when a content pack is purchased, please restart the Launcher to update your Masters Toolkit with the new content.

If you experience any issues with with this content or the purchasing of this content you may contact zsdante@arkenforge.com


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