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Weekly Update #7

G’day all! With another update we are proud to say we have now implemented a software updater and launcher. All you have to do is download the Masters Toolkit Launcher from the shop and save it in a different location than your current Masters Toolkit Alpha and there you have it! This should allow us to …

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Weekly Update #6

Hello again! With another week we have more to share about what is happening behind the scenes with us, starting with our Masters Toolkit software. We have made a number of updates and reiterations of the Software since we started the Alpha based on feedback we had on glitches and additional features. We want to …

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Weekly Update #5

Results are in! For those that may have missed last week’s update, we ran a Poll concerning our content release schedule for the next three months. We felt that the essentials content (the content you receive with no extra cost) wasn’t expansive enough to cover the “essentials” of a lot of tabletop RPG adventures so …

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Weekly Update #4

Hi there Adventurers! Hoping the year started off well with all of you and continues until, the not so far away now, 2019. Working hard into 2018, over the last week we have released an updated version of the Masters Toolkit Alpha addressing some of the issues that were reported by the community. All of …

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Weekly Update #3

Seasons Greetings! The folks here at Arkenforge wanted to wish each and every one of you a wonderful holiday period. Whatever your holiday traditions may be, whether that be slaying dragons, gathering loot or laying low with an ale with family and friends, we hope you are safe, comfortable and ready for a new year! …

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Weekly update #2

The Alpha for the Masters Toolkit is just on the horizon with this being the last weekly update before it’s release.  We are both nervous and excited to see what all of you do with it and are looking forward to hear your comments on improving it’s design and adding new features. In preparation for …

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Weekly update #1

Week #1 Update This week’s achievements: Cartographer outputs to image files with presets to multiple VTT systems, and high dpi for commercial use Options menu UI redesigned New battle songs for Soundscapes Website is up and functional, timer for alpha is up, new email addresses are functional and monitored Login system for the Masters toolkit …

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