Weekly Update #12


…is frozen water from the sky.
But in other news we have a fun new development for anyone using the Masters Toolkit Cartographer module that also have a perfectly healthy fascination with walls.
Do your walls look too damn straight?
Don’t you wish your wall could take on a life of it’s own?
Wish your worries away with our new BENDY WALLS!

Bendy Walls are the next big thing in sound architecture, just when your unsuspecting party confidently declares “har har mister game master, I know what lies around every corner of your so called dungeon,” surprise them with no corners at all and have this vocal upstart quake in his rectangular world!

We often received emails from attractive folks using the Cartographer requesting the ability to create diagonal or curved walls for their maps and we are happy to service this request. In fact we are open to almost any and all suggestions anyone might have to help make the Masters Toolkit be your toolkit, so please come and flood us with your best and brightest ideas.
Email us at info@arkenforge.com

You may expect this update with Bendy Walls by the end of the month among some other new additions to the Software.

The second thing we’d like to talk about in this update is about the current state of the Masters Toolkit
The Masters Toolkit in its current form is a placeholder for everything we want it to be, a platform for everything someone might need to help create and mold their tabletop world. We have continued to add new features, content and alterations to the Masters Toolkit as more and more people send requests for different functions. As such we are not happy with the current state of the Masters Toolkit and are looking to make it more in-line with what we all envision. It has to grow as we do and as it does it will need to change to suit all of our needs, as such, changes are coming that will make the Software look and feel a lot smoother to run and use as well as making large strides towards the ideal Masters Toolkit.

So please, continue to send us your requests and suggestions for what you want the Master Toolkit to be.

Map of the week was made by Brodi, featuring a ranch for her adventure!

Please continue to send us your maps!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Update #12”

  1. Poochcucker

    So When are Bendy walls coming? 2020 and creating arrow slits in towers is impossible.

    1. Bendy walls have been in since this announcement was made 😊

      Put down a straight wall, then click on the blue ‘content wheel’ option, then click on ‘assist repeatable points’

  2. mkusmierski

    Has the option for “Assist Repeatable Points” be removed? Only one I see is “Adjust Repeatable Points”

  3. marcquattromani@gmail.com

    That’s the one to use. It will show you three points on your lines, which you can drag around. Question: is there a way to add adjustment points?

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