Weekly Update #13 – 14

Morning or Evening folks!

With a double update from the last two weeks we are excited to announce that Arkenforge will be present at Conquest, Melbourne, Australia.
If any of you guys are in Melbourne over the easter period (friday to monday) and want to come try out the software and get a hands on look at the Atlas, come keep us company!
You can purchase ticket admission at the Conquest website: https://www.conquest.asn.au/

We will also be running an intro to 5th edition, Dungeons and Dragons at Conquest so bring your friends and we’ll have a great time!

On the software front you can expect a large update coming that will bring a number of new features. Among these will be the bendy walls we mentioned in the last update (weekly update #12) and the ability to snap to grid. The snap to grid feature was on the top of the list for the Cartographer and we are pumped to get it implemented.
By holding down ctrl all objects and tiles will hug the grid, working particularly well with the bendy walls feature that will be released in the same update.

Feel free to email us with any feature requests ( info@arkenforge.com )

This weeks map is brought to you by Lenny, having prepared an entrance to his castle.

Keeeeeep them coming my friends!

Arkenforge team.

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