Masters toolkit : The first module – Cartographer

Here at Arkenforge (previously Realmware), we don’t want to restrict your creativity or vision, so we haven’t set any limits on the size or complexity of the map you can make. We allow scrolling infinitely in any direction, and object placement and manipulation to sub-millimeter fidelity. Our easy-to-use UI allows simple object and tile placement …

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Excited and Grateful: Post PAX Australia All of us here at Arkenforge (previously Realmware) just want to start by saying a massive thank you to all of our current backers, followers, and those that visited our booth at PAX AUS this year for the grand opening of our Kickstarter! It’s with your growing support and …

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PAX AUS, Melbourne!

Exciting! The most handsome company of merry men, the Arkenforge (previously Realmware) team is attending PAX AUS this year with our very own booth giving the lovely Victorian public a first time look and experience into Realmware products. Feel free to come find us and generally give us a chat or join us at our …

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