Please welcome Heroic Roleplaying Press!

A massive 15GB modular library for quick dungeon building!

Each set in the Heroic Dungeons series offers over 1,200 modular map pieces for the most complete set of foundational dungeon building tools available:

  • Over 200 ready-to-use maps & map sections in sizes 10×10, 25×25, 30×30, and more!
  • Passages, rooms, and encounter areas
  • Stairways and doors to link floors and locations
  • Treasure chests, tables, torches, and chairs to furnish your maps
  • Floor, wall, and room sections to create your own custom tiles

All maps and pieces are optimized for The Masters Toolkit and connect together seamlessly. All pieces include simple, descriptive labels for easy searching within and between sets.

Check it out here!

1 thought on “Please welcome Heroic Roleplaying Press!”

  1. SanityAsylum

    Do the walls automatically block lights or does it bleed over into the next room requiring the user to make their own light barriers?

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