Where are all the updates?

Hey folks!

Some of you older users may remember a time when updates happened a lot more frequently. Sometimes even multiple times per day! But we’re already two months into the year, and there haven’t been any public updates. What’s the deal?

There’s a couple of reasons that updates for the public are taking a little longer than they have in the past

First off, stability. We made the decision for new features to spend more time in the Test stream to get them more stable, so that the bug-ridden days of yore can never happen again. The last thing that we want is for someone to update the Toolkit half an hour before their game and have it crash on startup, and while we’ve dealt with this in the past with emergency bug-fixes, it’s definitely better to not have it happen at all.

The other main reason is that the features we’ve been working on lately are much bigger than the updates we’ve brought out in the past. By far the largest public update series we’ve ever had was the Cartographer upgrade late last year, which took a full 3 months and 50 patches to complete. Our current update series is revamping the Content Library and Pack Creation tools, as these will form the basis of all updates going forward. Content Management is a tricky subject, and if it’s not done properly, the entire Toolkit comes crashing to its knees. We’re almost 30 patches in so far, and we’re getting quite close to completion.

The good news is that the content library update brings us to the beginning of 0.3.2, and with it, a full encyclopedia rework, a huge update to the player screen system, and finally the mythical Tokens that we’ve all been waiting so long for. This update also brings v4.0 of the Launcher along with it. It’s a huge UX upgrade, and should make it significantly easier to manage your purchased content.

We’ve got some great stuff in store this year, and we can’t wait to show it all to you ๐Ÿ™‚


7 thoughts on “Where are all the updates?”

  1. I def like this format for updates. The updates are big, with great changes; ya’ll are doing a great job. Thank you for giving us insight into the process. Keep up the great work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. SanityAsylum

    For me really the only thing I am anxious about at this point is a way to track minis on a screen, I believe the plan was a touch screen like film. Everything else is extra greatness, keep doing what you’re doing!

  3. Iโ€™m curious, with the refinement then release of new content, how will this affect people who are using the minimum specโ€™d computer?

  4. sagahoniden

    Thanks a lot for your hard work!

    As “SanityAsylum said, I would also like to have an easy way to track the position of minis in the board, in a way were i could ‘pan’ the map and move the display on my screen without loosing track of were everybody was.

    Everything else just works great, and im very happy with my purchase ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’m quite fine with this. You know the jokes about loading up your PlayStation and there’s always an update? It sometimes felt like that. A good, stable drop once a month or quarter is great. If there’s a problem with something, hotfix releases aren’t an issue (honestly, who gets finds every bug in a release and fixes for them all in one go?).

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