Arkenforge online using Zoom

How to use Arkenforge online with Zoom

This is our third guide to bring your Toolkit online using a powerful online meeting program, Zoom.


  1. Have a secondary physical monitor/TV/projector or any kind of display device connected to your system you can use as the player’s view.
  2. Have Zoom installed ( )
    Zoom is a free application to use for this, but there is a catch, it disconnects a session after 40 minutes. Using the link to the meeting you can quickly come back to your game though, and while it’s a minor inconvenience, it still works very well being free.  Having the paid version of Zoom eliminates this issue, but since we are no fans of subscription services – we recommend using it just free with reconnecting every 40 minutes. Using Discord for voice, you can use Zoom only for maps and Soundscapes so the voice chat will not be interrupted, plus you can take advantage of the rolling bots. We are releasing a timer plugin to know exactly when it cuts out.

Step 1 – Click on Settings in the main menu
Step 2 – Activate player screen to your secondary monitor
Step 3 – Start a zoom meeting
Step 4 – Share the Application (Unity 2nd screen – Master’s Tookit) not the screen! Refer to the video.
Step 5 – Give control to the player who has their turn, or enable automatic control, and delegate your players.
Step 6 – When the session cuts out, use the original link to get back in session.

The Arkenforge Team


6 thoughts on “Arkenforge online using Zoom”

  1. ProjectDarkSun

    Hay Guys

    Massive thank you for showing how to use with Zoom. As a traditional face to face DM this guide has been wonderful for making the switch due to COVID 19.
    Also your product is fantastic.

    Keep up the great work

  2. Hello, internet strangers! If you’re considering using Zoom for anything at all, please search credible news sources about “Zoom security flaws,” first. I have a friend who’s a professional white hat who advised me to avoid the program entirely. I have heard it is not merely the case that the product has a bunch of dangerous security flaws, but also that the company has a pattern of inadequate responses to the discovery of new security flaws as they’ve come to light.

  3. been using Zoom for remote D&D for 3 months now…works great….have had 0 issues with 6 players! Have been using Illustrator to load maps, and move characters objects around the maps, deleting my top black layer with the eraser for a “fog of war”….however, one of my players just showed me Arkenforge….and man, if this does everything it looks like it will do, i’m converting everything over to this. Will continue using Zoom as stated above.

  4. Is “enable automatic control” a feature of Zoom or a feature of Arkenforge? I can’t see to find any reference to it in Zoom documentation.

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