Fantasy Grounds Unity + Arkenforge

How to use Arkenforge maps in Fantasy Grounds Unity


Hey folks!

We hope you’re staying safe!

With the move to online tabletop due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re assembling some useful tutorials to help you use the Toolkit online.

The second of these is a guide to bringing your Toolkit maps seamlessly into Fantasy Grounds Unity, so you can continue using your quality-made maps without needing to rebuild them from scratch in a new platform. Thanks to the amazing help of SmiteWorks for making this happen!

Step 1 – Make a map
Step 2 – Click on the gear icon on the palette tool
Step 3 – Click on Select area and mark the area you’d like to select
Step 4 – Select FGU from the preset list
Step 5 – Click export. The image file and a Line of sight data file will pop up in your browser. Select both files, right click and copy.
Step 6 – Paste it in the Fantasy grounds data folder
Step 7 – Create a new map in Fantasy Grounds Unity
Step 8 – Go to assets/images/campaign
Step 9 – Drag the map in

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