June update (Now in usual time)

Epilogue of progress

We worked out most of the bugs from our Notes system and made them more usable, and have reworked some things behind the scenes to accommodate our upcoming Content Library system which will replace our Pack creator (we loved and hated you Pack creator, but you will be a part of something better. This is goodbye…).

The Fog of war system has been optimized to reduce the lag that could come from calculating multiple large vision circles, providing a significantly better experience in-game. DM tab has been reworked with new UI that we’ll soon be rolling out to other parts of the Toolkit, and Content linking can be used with our maps now. This will certainly open up some incredibly convenient ways of managing campaigns in real time.

Embedding content links to maps

It’s here!

Embedding Content links is easy :

Head to cartographer then :

  1. Open the DM tab (Master’s eye Icon)
  2. Start typing text referencing the content link you wish to place
  3. The links will automatically appear with the responding icons :
    Purple icon for Quests
    Orange icon for maps
    Green icon for Soundscape presets
    Click on the content link icon you would like to place, then click on the are on your map where you would like to place them to.

The Links will work in Scenario with a single click, in cartographer you can hold ctrl+click to test them! You can now link a different soundscape preset for each room of your dungeon if you want to, link between maps, and place quest info to relevant locations!

Syrinscape integration is now fixed, and it received a bit of UI update.

New partners on the horizon

We had some new content creators hitting us up for featuring their content on our Marketplace! They will be revealed in August, alongside some new packs from Galefire and Joel Steudler! The Marketplace has come a long way since opening in terms of content available, and we are pleased with how collaborative, hard-working and responsive our artist partners are!

Working together

Something that is unique and admirable about the Tabletop market is the brothers in arms mentality when it comes to software developers and companies of similar products. We all would like to bring people together around physical and virtual tables for some games of collaborative storytelling. We are pleased to announce that Fantasy Grounds, Astral Tabletop, World Anvil, Flowscape, and Syrinscape fully embraces this mentality, and they are open to some discussions on how we can make tabletop more fun, and easier to organize. We all have our own ideas of how this can be done in our individual software,  but we want to make it easier for our users to use their creations on various platforms and get the most out of all of them.  Syrinscape integration is getting better and better, we offer now direct export of our maps to be used in Astral and Fantasy Grounds, and these are just the first baby steps of bringing our communities together! We are very excited and open to collaboration!


Thanks to the selfless hard work of our Community contributors (DMRobo, Frank, James, Mike, and Silidus) we have over 2 GB worth of free mapping assets you can utilize for your campaigns!

DMRobo just updated an animated pack, and Silidus just joined the ranks of heroes with his collection, check them out and give him a pat on the shoulder on Discord!


We can hardly believe that we will be showing off the Master’s Toolkit on GenCon!!! Look for us in your event books, we will be in the Event space all day with James, Nathan and Dante!

Price increase

On the 4th of August, we will apply the next milestone price increase to the toolkit, raising the price to $US35 permanently! The toolkit will stay on this price point until BETA, and this is the last alpha stage!

What to expect from July?

Content library – the first step for better content management

New Marketplace contributors

3 thoughts on “June update (Now in usual time)”

  1. This is awesome, I love the toolkit and am using it already to create content that will run on my game table and will be published in print and electronically.

    The only disappointment I’ve come across so far is how few of the asset makers allow for commercial use. Maybe you can approach them about considering opening that up? If their assets are seen in print and online more, they’d sell more. I’ve seen it work out that way repeatedly with quality content.

    Anyway, I love the work you’re doing, and am really happy with the first expansion pack you put out, “The Wild” which I’ll be using (with credit to Arkenforge and the Master’s Toolkit), for my in-house games and when we go to press in about a year and a half with our first book. Just awesome stuff!

  2. Wizardshred

    I got to play around with Arkenforge at GenCon and immediately picked it up! Can’t wait to learn how to use it and bring it to my D&D group! Thanks!

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