April update

Time is going fast, I can’t believe it’s May already. April has been extremely busy on the work/life front and we have been quite under the pump.

Master’s Toolkit

18 updates this month, mostly bug fixes and stabilizers.  Not much to notice on the front for now, but there are some serious reworks back end. Scenario is being redone from the ground up, including UI, it should release shortly, while Pack creator will be history as it will be fully integrated with the Toolkit “soon”. Encyclopedia is under the hammer too with the notes still, there were some complications with our tagging system which slowed down the process. Basically, the idea is to be able to format text within the encyclopedia without needing to deal with visible tags, and since unity does not natively give us enough options, Nathan has to custom write a lot of code for it. It is coming though, but for the sake of user-friendliness, we found it important to spend time with this issue.

New Scenario UI


New animations update yet again for the Essentials pack and lots of progress with Towns and Cities. The new pack is due at the end of June, and it will be the biggest pack we ever made. James has updated his collection of community packs as well, so grab a fresh copy from the website when you can!


New animated assets



We had a fantastic time at Conquest over the long Easter weekend. We brought all of our computers and have been able to do a lot of work over the 4 days side by side, which we do not often have the opportunity, met some of you, and shown the software around for new folks.


The first Arken-dad

Geri has become a father! Little Mia was born last week, a beautiful healthy little girl! Congratulations Geri, if she follows the father’s footsteps we will soon have a new artisan map-maker on board!


Yeah, the cursed delays. The new marketing campaign is still in the making, so are the new tutorials. The isometric campaign is being put together, and our new campaign video should follow next week.

What to expect from May?

Campaign notes (No, really this month)
Massive Maphammer update
New tutorial series (I swear)
New Scenario
(Possibly) Media library integration
UK Games Expo

As always thank you very much for your continuous support, feedback and great ideas!




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