28 Day Free Trial

Try out the Master’s Toolkit, Fantasy Essentials and Sci Fi Essentials packs for free for 28 days.

Follow these easy steps to get you started :

  1. Download the Launcher.
  2. Install your launcher from the downloaded file
  3. Open the Launcher and register your account
  4. Click on the Master’s Toolkit logo to start your trial (like the image below)
  5. Install content packs from the Content Packs section on the right-hand side.
  6. If you run into any complications, join our discord channel for instant advice clicking here
  7. Alternatively you can request support via email : nathan@arkenforge.com or submit a ticket here

91 thoughts on “28 Day Free Trial”

  1. awoltrooper

    Really looks and feels like you guys have a great product here- I appreciate the 7-day trial and I’m looking forward to putting it through its paces as a DM who loves to integrates multimedia into his games.

  2. Any thoughts on selling this product internationally? I would really love to buy it, but I live in Canada, and my country doesn’t come up under the purchasing details.

    1. You may need to enter your billing information in the ‘My Account’ section. We’ll investigate the checkout issue!

  3. Does this program let you connect computer together online. I have three out side games.

    1. Hi there Dragonguy, the toolkit is currently an offline product, we have some long term plans bringing it online, but nothing short term. You can fully utilize the maps you make in online VTT-s and you can also stream your audio through virtual audio cable!

  4. BlackFeather

    Looks like a great product — I’d like to try it out.

    I’m a bit short on C: room, so I change the installation location to D:…
    when I continue, it then tells me I have insufficient room on C:…
    so it is obviously not checking the correct drive.

    …upshot, I can’t install it.

  5. just downloaded the trial and installed it. I was just trying a simple thing: creating a map with dynamic content (local videofile)and display it on a second screen. Without any docs I see no way of managing this. Not very intuitive.

    Sidenote: editor alwyas launching in fullscreen is a no-go (on my 4k screen). file selection windows not resizable…. and so on. I´m so sick of using software no one wants to write a proper documentation or even a quick start for.

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