March updates

March has been a crazy busy month for all of us, Nathan delivered 28 updates, we have released a bunch of extra animated assets, but there is more to come soon.

Line of sight based fog of war erasure on tokens

This is one of the most important features released this month. This has been the most common question popping up on every convention when this feature would be enabled. We originally planned it to release with the official token support, but many of you noted that this is crucial for utilizing the toolkit in-game. The existing lighting engine gave us the opportunity to “fake it until we make it”, and until official token support is out, this can be a very useful feature for screen sharing/vertical standing TV users.

Usable Pack creator

Pack creator received some much-needed updates, and now it is faster than ever. The UX is still painful, but Pack creator will be worked into the Toolkit soon, and our whole library system will be completely revamped, therefore we decided not to release more updates for it until the merge. The image and animation bloating issue has also been fixed, dramatically reducing pack sizes, which is also great news.

UI improvements

Thanks to your guiding efforts and reporting I feel like I have learned a lot about creating a better UI. Visibility and contrast has been greatly improved by redesigning the entire Cartographer module, and future updates are to be expected as more feedback gets worked into the workflow.


Gary-con was an amazing experience, like no other. First of all we have met some of you in person, finally we met our guardian discord angel James Smith, Steve Binder and Amanda and Mark Zierden, and lots of others, made great connections with the big-shots of the industry, and Nathan has been invited to attend a panel with Zeb Cook, Jennell Jaquays, and legendary Ed Stark which has been a huge honor! We recommend everyone the pilgrimage to Lake Geneva next year, you won’t regret it! More info here!

Gamma-con in Wagga Wagga Australia was quirky and fun, finally, all four of us had the chance to spend some time together, which has not happened for a long time. While we enjoyed our time there, we feel like we need to strengthen the tabletop community at conventions like these. The nerds are all around we just need to start rolling more dice. We were up to some exercise packing up, and having a small glimpse into how insanely much work goes into organizing any kind of conventions, if you have ever been organizing or volunteered, hats off to you… You are all amazing.


We have a new array of animations, mainly trees, bushes and some still assets that became “alive” thanks to Winter Sun. Great work! More coming soon!

Towns and Cities

Our new and biggest feature pack is finally taking shape under the hammer. Heaps of new objects, tiles, grouped objects, repeatables and instantly placeable buildings are being made alongside 20 new animations in the forge.


As busy as the month was, due to travels and some scheduling issues a couple of things are a bit late, what to expect from April though?

New tutorial videos
Further UI improvements
Campaign notes
Alex Drummond’s Isometric bundle
New marketing videos and campaigns
Conquest convention in Melbourne
Even more animations to Essentials
Isometric assets campaign
Soundscape campaign


As always thank you very much for your continuous support, feedback and great ideas!

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