Weekly update #2

The Alpha for the Masters Toolkit is just on the horizon with this being the last weekly update before it’s release.  We are both nervous and excited to see what all of you do with it and are looking forward to hear your comments on improving it’s design and adding new features.

In preparation for the Alpha our TechWizard has been focussing on ease of use and controls for the Software, here are this weeks most recent changes;

– The User Interface (UI) has been tweaked to work with all aspect ratios
– Added the ability to move the map with the right mouse button
– Added the ability to double click objects to edit their properties
– Dual screen support with a tool to set an appropriate inch size
– Edi, our tile artist, is finishing up some of the tiles for use
– More music has been added to the Soundscape bringing it to 75% completion for Alpha

On top of that the Scenario module is about fifty percent complete and is coming along on schedule.

From the Hardware side of things, all the materials for the Atlas’ have been ordered and are on their way! Any orders for the classic will be fulfilled first and then we will move on to the others. We’ve included some images from the workshop of our very attractive Arkenforge tinkerer at his work.

We hope you are just as excited as we are for the Alpha release and please continue to email us with any ideas or improvements you may want from the Alpha or future iterations of the products at info@arkenforge.com

Thanks again for your time and support, keep telling those stories.
The Arkenforge Team


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