Weekly Update #3

Seasons Greetings!

The folks here at Arkenforge wanted to wish each and every one of you a wonderful holiday period.
Whatever your holiday traditions may be, whether that be slaying dragons, gathering loot or laying low with an ale with family and friends, we hope you are safe, comfortable and ready for a new year!


Access codes to the Masters Toolkit Alpha are still being emailed out to folks who complete the survey we sent to all our Kickstarter backers. So if you haven’t received such an email, send us a message at “info@arkenforge.com” and we’ll try and get you sorted.

Otherwise, feedback from everyone using the Alpha has been fantastic and we cannot state how much we appreciate it, please keep it coming. We also wanted to do a shout out to CaptainWasabi in the forums for his constant diligence in helping us make the Alpha as easy and comfortable to use as well as assisting others with their questions. It is due to this level of support from all of you
play-testing the Alpha that we will be releasing an Alpha build update within the week to address some of the feedback we have received.

On that note if you do have any questions or comments feel free to email us (info@arkenforge.com) or post in the Arkenforge forums, we will be listening!

On the Hardware front, we have begun shipping out the Atlas Classics to those that pledged and will be emailing you your tracking numbers so you might get an estimate on their arrival. As always, if you have any questions feel free to email us at “info@arkenforge.com”.

Locally we have also begun to run Dungeons and Dragons adventures in Melbourne, Australia to help build the awesome tabletop community that exists worldwide. If you are interested, visit the Community, Looking for Group forum on the website and post there.

Hello from our latest group of Adventurers!

Happy New Year everyone,
Arkenforge Team

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