Masters Toolkit v0.1.1.0 Patch Notes

Hey folks!

After a long couple of weeks, our first big update is here. With these additions and bug fixes, we’ll be spending a bit of time on building some of our own internal tools to prepare for a large update we have planned around the end of January. We’ll still be keeping up regular bug fixes and small feature updates, but the big focus will be on some behind-the-scenes stuff that’ll make life easier for you guys, as well as us.

In the meantime, make sure to hit up our forums if you find any bugs or strange occurrences! 😀


Anyway, here’s what we’ve changed:

– Can now change resolution and window mode settings
– Scrollbars are now much more sensitive

– Map name is now required to save a map
– Clicking on a previously saved map will update the name field
– Saving over an existing map will give an override prompt
– Can’t load a map when no map selected
– Terrain brushes no longer block light
– Can move around the map using WASD
– Moving around the map with right mouse button will no longer forget your selected brush
– Fixed bug where an object’s drop-shadow would still be visible to players when object was hidden
– Can now hide brushes

– Scenario minimap is now scaled correctly

– Can now drag sound effects from SFX panel to Ambient panel for looping
– Fixed a bug where the soundscape panel headings would vanish after returning from scenario

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