Weekly update #1

Week #1 Update

  • This week’s achievements:

  1. Cartographer outputs to image files with presets to multiple VTT systems, and high dpi for commercial use
  2. Options menu UI redesigned
  3. New battle songs for Soundscapes
  4. Website is up and functional, timer for alpha is up, new email addresses are functional and monitored
  5. Login system for the Masters toolkit is currently under work
  6. Arkenforge logo is up, name change is completed (except for Facebook and Twitter, there it takes 14 days)
  7. Bugfixes
  8. According to user feedback, we reworked text resolutions, so the UI and text looks good even over 1080p resolution
  9. According to requests we laid out production plan for Dungeon elements in the Essentials pack, so you will not only have forest and essential city theme content, but also dungeon (torture chambers/prisons/catacombs etc.) content in the Essentials pack
  10. Based on user feedback we started reworking existing and future tiles with more color accuracy and overall cohesion
  • News :

  1. Feedback button on the Demo stopped working because of the domain change. Please send us feedback via email until alpha release! (info@arkenforge.com)
  2. Kickstarter messaged us about the funds being transferred to our account within 48 hours, meaning that we can order in all materials for the tables and start working on them this coming weekend. We will post Atlas Classics before Christmas!
  3. Future weekly updates will be posted every Sunday night at 8pm (Australian time)
  4. Next week Scenario is on the menu
  5. We thank you for the awesome feedback, please keep them coming! (info@arkenforge.com)


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