Arkenforge, Important News and Post Kickstarter

We did it!
Backers, followers, friends from near and far, we successfully achieved our Kickstarter goal of 20,000, and just in the nick of time too.
Some were doubtful that we would achieve the goal coming closer to the deadline, including some of us here at the company to be completely honest, but many members of the fantastic tabletop community increased their pledges at the last minute and got us over the line.
It is to them and to everyone else who believed in us, the company and our vision that we give our sincerest gratitude and we swear to continue giving the project our best efforts!We also have a number important subjects we’d like to address now that the road ahead is looking a lot busier but none the less clearer thanks to all of you.The first and probably most important change that is coming to the company is that of our name.
Another company had approached us and made it clear that some people have confused our products with that of theirs. With that we have decided that it would be in our best interest to make some changes to mitigate any confusion in the future, so as of now we will be phasing all of our products, social media and emails under the name Arkenforge!Our products, promises and overall involvement with the community will not be changed because of this and you can guarantee that all the funds from Kickstarter will be going back into the company. Also, none of the management has changed so you will be dealing with same folks you always have been and we will continue to put our best foot forward.

As such, the Master’s Tookit alpha is going ahead according to plan and will be released to those who pledged for the software during the kickstarter on the 23rd of December this year. We want to know everything you guys think of the Alpha and please flood us with thoughts and ideas on what you’d like changed or added in the near future. We expect a multitude of changes to happen between the Alpha adn the final product and we only want to change it for the better. So please tell us any thoughts you have on it, this is now your product as much as it is ours as you helped bring it to life.

The tables are also currently in production and everything is running smoothly, you should expect more updates on that soon alongside a number of video updates shceduled for once a month.

We also plan to have weekly updates for now on every Sunday night by 11:00pm (AEDT) on our Facebook, Website and anyone on our Email list, which includes everyone who was involved in our kickstarter.

If you are interested in what we’re doing, was late to the Kickstarter or have any questions, feel free to email us at or inbox at our facebook page ( )

Thank you again everyone!


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