Dear Dungeon Masters, Game masters and Adventurers,

This has been an incredible month for us and a complete emotional roller-coaster! Being honest with you all, two days ago we doubted that the campaign will be successful. We were always determined that we make the project come to life regardless, but started preparing worst-case measurements… and then a miracle happened! I still barely comprehend that WE MADE IT!

We intend to keep you completely involved in our whole process of making this come to life, and give you detailed reports of what we are working on! Software-wise we continue the hard work but now we can take off time from our daytime jobs and give it our 100% attention! Alpha will be out on the 23rd of December, with the servers up, you will receive your account creation guide and your code to claim your software  before the 20th so keep checking your mailboxes! After alpha release expect weekly software updates and patches until we reach the final version! We are strongly relying on your input, and build the alpha very closely working together with the core community (our backers). For suggestions/recommendations/questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

We also continue to answer questions at Kickstarter too, just as well as our social media platforms :
Email :

Also check out our Youtube channel for tutorials, and media announcements :

As soon as the funds are received, the order for raw materials goes out and the workshop starts producing your Atlas! We will keep posting pictures about the progress, and keep in touch with the owners of the tables! We make tables one by one according to the order the pledges came in!

We are not accepting orders for hardware until we have completed and shipped all the pledged Atlas tables!

The software can not be purchased by the general public until we finished the alpha stage closely working together with our backer community, and even in later stages this core community will receive priority to serve demands for.

In the name of all of us in the team: Nathan, Chris, Geri, Edina, Zsofi and Dante, we thank you for your support, and your incredible sense of urgency in the last days! The kind words, honest feedback, constructive criticism made us a learn a lot, and we keep learning along the way! We will not rest until we make our promises into reality, and we welcome you to the Arkenforge family!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

The Arkenforge team

Dreamer, Say
Dreamer, say, will you dream for me
A wild sweet dream of a foreign land,
Whose border sips of a foaming sea
With lips of coral and silver sand;
Where warm winds loll on the shady deeps,
Or lave themselves in the tearful mist
The great wild wave of the breaker weeps
O’er crags of opal and amethyst?

Dreamer, say, will you dream a dream
Of tropic shades in the lands of shine,
Where the lily leans o’er an amber stream
That flows like a rill of wasted wine,–
Where the palm-trees, lifting their shields of green,
Parry the shafts of the Indian sun
Whose splintering vengeance falls between
The reeds below where the waters run?

Dreamer, say, will you dream of love
That lives in a land of sweet perfume,
Where the stars drip down from the skies above
In molten spatters of bud and bloom?
Where never the weary eyes are wet,
And never a sob in the balmy air,
And only the laugh of the paroquet
Breaks the sleep of the silence there?

James Whitcomb Riley



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