September update


The first test version of the reworked Cartographer is available on the test stream! It is a super experimental build, so please do not save over your maps and do not use it for your sessions! We need to gather crash logs, and get errors reported to work out the kinks of the new build! As always, thank you very much for the immense help you provided us on the discord channel and by using the test version!

All cartographer content can be placed in any way (tiled/object/repeatable), and all of them can be duplicated. We also added a replace mode, to instantly replace any already placed asset. Tiles and repeatables can be moved, rotated and scaled as well.

There is a new category on the object wheel, the “contextual options” which hosts all the settings which are unique to the placed asset. You can enable and adjust the sound on your videos, set the fps of animations, have them loop, or go through a single cycle, and more!


It is Halloween soon, and we just released a completely free themed pack! Build your haunted graveyards and pop on your pumpkin heads! The Halloween pack has limited availability and you can only put your hands on it during October, and then it will vanish and prepares for its comeback until next year! Grab it while its there just click on the image below!


We are going to be exhibiting and running games in our booth on PAX Aus, in Melbourne! Being home for this convention we bring all of our latest gear and some digital tables to check out!  If you haven’t yet, grab your tickets here!

The Magnificent Mansion

Nathan and Chris will run games in our booth during Pax Aus, “The Magnificent Mansion”! Nathan will run it in Pathfinder and Chris in DND 5e! All sessions will run on digital tables using the Master’s Toolkit! Sign up HERE for a spot on warhorn as seats are limited!

What to expect from October?

Further updates and Phase two to our Media Library and Cartographer rework.


2 thoughts on “September update”

  1. OminousGiggle

    I just want to verify with the Halloween pack , when you say we can “only put our hands on it during October, and then it will vanish and prepares for it’s comeback next year.” which does this mean?
    1. It’s only available for “purchase” during October, but once you have it, you have it, can redownload it (if something happens to your files and you need to reinstall as an example), and you can access the assets in the cartographer after October has come and gone.
    2. It’s available in the store and the cartographer during October, but after that, all the assets will be removed and we can’t access or use them again until next year when the pack is re-released?

    1. Hi there OminousGiggle,
      The Halloween pack meant to be only available during October, but people who purchased will keep it forever, and you can install it from your launcher all year round.
      I have received countless messages about keeping it up in the store, so we decided not to pull it from November onwards, we will just put a price on it. So now it is Free to purchase during October, but it will cost money for people to buy it after. Each year it will be free again during October. If you got it for free, you wont need to pay for it in November to keep using it.

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