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How to use Arkenforge maps in Roll20


Hey folks!

We hope you’re staying safe!

With the move to online tabletop due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re assembling some useful tutorials to help you use the Toolkit online.

The first of these is a guide to bringing your Toolkit maps seamlessly into Roll20, so you can continue using your quality-made maps without needing to rebuild them from scratch in a new platform.


Step 1 – Make a map
Step 2 – Click on the gear icon on the palette tool
Step 3 – Click on Select area and mark the area you’d like to select
Step 4 – Select Roll20 from the preset list
Step 5 – Click export. The image file will pop up in your browser. Do not close this as you can just pull the image file into Roll20.
Step 6 – Log in Roll20 and start a game
Step 7 – Click and drag your map from your file browser into the game area
Step 8 – Right click on the image, go to layer, place it on the map layer

The Arkenforge Team


6 thoughts on “Roll20 + Arkenforge”

  1. We’ve used Discord and Arkenforge very successfully by streaming the player view screen through Discord. The sound from the soundboard also streams.

    And you get to use aaaaaaalll of the Arkenforge awesome features.

  2. Is there any plan to allow exporting animated maps so we can import them into Roll20?

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