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      The launcher keeps cycling back to a window popup saying there’s an update when I click YES, after first going to a window that seemed like it updated the launcher.

      Update for Master’s Toolkit seems to freeze at half the download bar.

      Downloading updates for the existing content packs seems to have been successful. I can’t seem to find the winter pack, unless that was what I just downloaded as update for existing content packs.

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      I am having the very same issue

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      I’ve tried re-downloading the Mac launcher and the problem is the same – the download file is the same version and will go into a stuck loop trying to patch. The snow and wind pack won’t show up either.

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      There’s a launcher update on it’s way that will fix it. In the meantime if it’s the problem I THINK it is, use this app (you can open it in automator if you don’t trust it, it simply just moves a file) Which should fix your issue!


      Snow and Wind will come up after the update. If you guys are still having issues, I’ll upload my updated launcher for you.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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