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      Chris Dougherty

      I am not sure if this has been suggested before,but i thought it would be really cool if you could if you can have hidden items on the map that when as a DM you unhide their animation triggers at and instead of being on a loop animation there is a start and finish.

      For example you have a spike trap. When a player triggers it the Dm click on the object and it become visible and an animation + sound play for x frames that look like spikes have come from the ground and then finishes with the spike stook up. No more animation. No more sound.

      This would also be really cool for doors. If you can trigger a door from a “locked” to “unlocked” state and you see the animation of the door opening hear the sound of it and the fog of war adapts depending on if the door was open or shut.

      It would also be really versatile in terms of story telling because you could have a portal appear, and disapear and simulate creatures being summoned ect.

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      So this one is actually a feature already 😊

      If you set an animation to triggered mode, it will automatically play when you unhide it. No SFX yet, but that will be coming in the future

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      How do you set it to trigger mode?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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