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    Hi there! I’m working with a 15″ Surface Book 2, here, which has a display resolution in the 4K range. When I open the Pack Creator, I can barely read the text in any of the windows. Is my only option at this point to set my laptop’s display to 1080×1920, or to attach a lower resolution monitor so that the text will be a reasonable size? What’s the timeline on getting this app useable on more of the hardware that’s on the market?

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    Hey Brodyjohn!

    When our next Toolkit build goes public, the pack creator will be rendered obsolete 😊

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    Groovy, that works! Not to be a pest, but do you have any notion of when that’ll happen? Not looking for a firm commitment to a date, here; just trying to plan some stuff for the campaign I’ve been running for 20 months or so.

    Also, for reference, even on the Launcher, the text that reads “Have a problem ? Need help ?” is sized at about 5 pt (1.77mm) high when my display scaling is set to 300%. My eyes are still pretty young, but that’s still challenging.

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